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March 21, 2016

One of the number one skin care concerns people have as they age is how to properly take care of their aging skin. No one wants to deal with dry skin, fine lines and adult acne! There are many ‘miracle cures’ on the market with new ones being developed every day. With so many options, it’s hard to decide what’s best for our skin, so sometimes we turn to someone who should know best, our doctor or dermatologist. Many will prescribe something, as doctors tend to do, and a popular prescription treatment is Retin-A. Your doctor knows best, but do they really in this case?

What is Retin-A?

Retin-A is one of many brand names for tretinoin, an acne medication. It fights acne by renewing the skin, so it can also be used for fine lines and to improve texture and discoloration. Right away the precautions give you a clue as to its strength: users are advised to avoid sunlight and not use Retin-A on skin that is irritated, broken, dry, chapped or sunburned, as well as to avoid using it on eczema or wounds. The effects of Retin-A on babies are unknown, so those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid it.

It seems strange to be prescribed something that shouldn’t be used on irritated skin, when acne is clearly an irritated skin condition. Some ingredients in other beauty products as well can cause irritation when used with Retin-A, such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.

Retin-A also comes with quite a list of side effect warnings: thinning of the skin, skin discoloration, texture changes and stinging where applied, as well as more severe side effects such as severe stinging or extreme redness, peeling, blistering or swelling. While it is not common, some users have experienced pimples, excess oiliness and large open pores. It is claimed that some irritation and scaliness are normal when first starting to use Retin-A.

It is important to avoid the sun while using Retin-A because the skin is very thinned and exfoliated, meaning there just isn’t enough protection from sun damage. You should also be careful not to wax any areas that are treated by Retin-A.

How does Retin-A work? It increases the renewal of skin cells, making them come up to the surface faster, as well as thickening the skin layer below the outer layer. It also increases blood flow to the skin as well as stimulates collagen.

A Natural Alternative for Anti Aging!

You don’t need Retin-A to renew the skin. It might be a potent formulation for wrinkles and skin renewal, but you can get similar results with a much gentler and safer alternative!

Here at Bella Cuore Organic Beauty our Kypris Moonlight Catalysthas 16 amazingly active and natural ingredients that mimics Retin-A treatments, and this is without the harsh side effects!

More effective yet less irritating than AHAs, Fermented Pumpkin Enzymes softens skin and decreases the appearance of environmental overexposure and inflammatory lifestyle via a refining exfoliation action.

Pumpkin Enzymes are a different way to exfoliate, working from within, without leaving the skin delicate and susceptible to damage. Pumpkin is a rich source of vitamin C, which promotes collagen production, and vitamin A. These enzymes increase cell renewal as well as dissolve dead skin cells.

Another Ingredient that makes this treatment so Amazing is Biomimetic Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)- This beautiful peptide is created via synthesis to mimic the renewing benefits of your skin's naturally occurring EGF.

A unique peach extract with greater hydration properties than before to compliment the benefits of our proprietary blend of algae extracts for beautifully hydrated skin.
Organic Neroli Flower Extract - Soothing to skin and nerves alike, we included a gorgeous, subtle extract of organic bitter orange blossoms.

Nutrient, vitamin, and antioxidant-rich Hawaiian Sea Algae deeply hydrates the skin to replenish its moisture balance without clogging pores.

Xylitylglucosides are deeply hydrating precursors to skin’s natural creation of hyaluronic acid for beautifully hydrated skin.

Supercritical extractions of Rosehip Seed and Sea Buckthorn Fruit deliver all the valuable essential fatty acids and phytonutrients to care for irritated or chapped skin.

Active Ingredients: Water/Aqua, Glycerin, Lactobacillus/Pumpkin Fruit Ferment Filtrate, Xylitylglucoside, Sclerotium Gum, Algae, Anhydroxylitol, Xylitol, sh-Oligopeptide-1, Peach Fruit Extract, Rosehip Flower Extract, Vigna Aconitifolia Seed Extract, Sea Buckthorn Extract, Plum Fruit Extract, Willow Bark Extract, Bitter Orange Flower Water Extract, Hydrolyzed Fucus Vesiculosus Protein, Sodium Chloride, Trehalose, Sodium Levulinate, Maltodextrin, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Sodium Anisate, Sodium Citrate

Soften. Smooth. Refine. Renew.

Some things are best done under the moon and stars. Moonlight Catalyst gently revitalizes skin while you slumber. Apply this at night to get the full effects as you sleep, and wake up to brighter, healthier skin!

Especially beneficial for: Environmentally stressed, experienced, acneic, or imbalanced complexions.

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