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May 01, 2017


BELLA CUORE'S Latest Spring Love Affair

 French, luxurious, high performance, certified organic, AND curated from the inspiration of a true love story! Need we say more? We, at Bella Cuore, were instantly hooked the moment we laid eyes on PATYKA and our infatuation has only grown since it recently arrived on our shelves.

As the pioneer of luxury organic skincare done the Parisian way, PATYKA boasts the highest efficacy for visible results, and feels as luxe as the most coveted conventional skincare-- without the toxicity or long-term damage to the face and body. As the very first beauty brand in history to be ECOCERT Organic, Patyka truly offers a distinctive alchemy of pure and potent organic botanicals that are artfully blended with the renowned French aesthetic of texture, style, and elegance.

A brand built on the harmonious relationship between historic nostalgia (Parisian 1920’s) and modern technology truly makes Patyka a rare gem. Offering Parisian luxury that looks, feels and acts like perfection-- PATYKA offers the ultimate iconic experience in more ways than one.


When a young Hungarian pharmacist fell in love with the alluring beauty of French woman, he packed up and moved to Paris where he poured his love and creativity into formulating an illuminating skin elixir from rare plant oils and extracts. He named this youth serum, Huile Absolue. Shared only with her inner circle of friends, the Parisian Elite, Huile Absolue became the secret to their youthful glow and flawless complexion.

Decades later, this coveted recipe was recreated by Patyka’s top experts in organic skincare and innovative biotechnologies for exceptional age defying results.

By the botanical aromas and intricate science behind the brand, it’s easy to tell that Patyka was formulated out of the romantic gesture of love!




Beauty rituals are sacred to Parisian women-- and that’s just what the “Radiant Cleansing Ritual” offers. Featuring a double cleansing system inspired by the Korean Beauty scene, this method targets all the signs of aging by gently layering the skin through a combination of messaging, exfoliating and lifting.

Why this is important?
A double-cleansing system ensures a thorough removal of everything that is harmful to your skin -- creating a clean canvas for the rest of your skincare steps to be absorbed.

Here’s how PATYKA does it:

Step 1. Remarquable Cleansing Oil

By gently massaging the Remarquable Cleansing Oil in circular motions around the nooks and crannies of your face, it helps to breakdown any prior makeup residue and skin impurities.

Step 2. Delicate Cleansing Foam

Without rinsing, layer the Delicate Cleansing Foam to wash away any impurities by oxygenating and thoroughly cleansing the skin.

Step 3. Smoothing Revitalizing Toner

Before applying the Smoothing Revitalizing Toner, rinse with lukewarm water and gently pat your skin dry. Containing hyaluronic acid as well as 7 powerful anti-aging properties that immediately help and revitalize the skin, this toner helps to rejuvenate and rebalance the alkaline level of your skin.

Patyka Howto


Built on the cutting edge of creativity and modern design, PATYKA boasts this sublime essence of elegance and performance at it’s finest. With eco-friendly outer packaging inspired by Japanese origami design-- manufactured in glue-less and FSC-certified packaging-- even the artwork, illustrations, and print that graces each bottle is completed in organic ink.

With a highly functional yet eco-friendly aesthetic in mind, each bottle from the line includes airless systems that fully protect the integrity of each formula by shielding it from light, heat, oxygen, and also bacteria.

Patyka Packaging


Bella Cuore Must Have's


Delicately perfuming the skin while soothing the mind and body, PATYKA offers 3 different body washes that will be sure to add a sense of luxurious sophistication to your bathing routine. Trust us when we say your showers will become that much more enjoyable-- you may just find yourself taking one twice in one day!

Filled with citrus and zesty notes, this body wash was inspired by TANGIER, an inspiring city full of light where anything is possible and the unique blend of botanicals fill you with ease and comfort.

Leaving a captivating scent on the skin, this body wash is full of springtime floral aromas that will be sure to reawaken soothing feelings of romance. Inspired by the mountain of Reims, this body wash offers a sweet escape where visions of strolling along the scenic vineyards will be sure to captivate your mind.

With a warm blend of Patchouli and Amyris mixed with woody scents of Cedar and Vetiver, this body wash will leave you feeling absolutely relaxed. Drawing inspiration from the banks of the Rio Madeira in Porto Velho, the scents of Precious Woods will take you on a genuine voyage of the senses.

Patyka Body Wash


As a special weekly ritual, this mask is the perfect S.O.S life saver to meet the urges of dry, dull, and dehydrated skin. Acting as the ultimate treatment to revitalize and brighten lackluster skin, this moisturizing mask contains the secret ingredient of Hexapeptide- 11, designed to act directly on the growth factors of collagen and elastin fibers. Your skin will be doing nothing but thanking you for the extra attention that this mask provides for it will leave your face looking plumper and soothed with a youthful suppleness.

But, can we just mention this mask’s ultimate cool factor…

As a technology advanced feature, PATYKA take it one step further by it’s uniquely designed airless jar that preserves its shelf life.

Patyka Mask


Our eyes. They do so much for the function of our day to day lives, but we seem to constantly overlook their needs. Formulated specifically for the demanding eye contour area to correct signs of aging and fatigue, this product will leave your eye region with a radiant glow. Beech Bud Extract helps to significantly increase skin’s oxygen intake for new cell renewal, while minimizing inflammation and irritation. Under eye bags will be diminished, crow’s feet will be long gone, and the twinkle in (and around your eye) will return in no time. Let’s give our eyes the extra love they so very much deserve. 

The Biokaliftin Radiant Eye Contour


A sacred 100 year old treasure ready to no longer be a secret. The love elixir that truly started it all… a 100% organic skin boosting serum ready to serve the needs of your face, body, and hair. HUILE ABSOLUE is artistically formulated with a powerful combination of 12 immensely beneficial properties to effectively regenerate new skin cells and restore a radiant glow. Healing sensitive skin conditions such as acne blemishes, dry patches and razor burns, and even dull, brittle hair-- we swear when we say, HUILE ABSOLUE truly is magic in a bottle!!!

Huile Absolue

Which PATYKA products have you tried or are excited to try?

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