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March 18, 2016

In a world obsessed with fashion models and movie stars, it’s hard to feel truly beautiful, as the media’s focus is constantly on outer beauty, rather than focusing on inner beauty. Women grow up being taught that outer beauty is what’s important, without learning that inner beauty and confidence go a long way to promoting that outer glow and radiance that we associate with true beauty.

In school, your looks help determine your social status, and they’re a big factor in the dating world as well. It takes people much longer than it should to realize where their true value and beauty lie.

Your true beauty isn’t found in the clothes you wear or what you look like, but rather a strong woman who exudes confidence, accepts herself for who she is and doesn’t conform to society’s idea of what beauty should look like.

What is Inner Beauty?

It’s having a caring heart, being yourself and treating your body well. It’s accepting your flaws and recognizing that even your flaws are beautiful and make you unique. There is only one you in the entire universe and that’s pretty awesome!

Outer beauty is subjective. It’s not something that can be measured or scored or judged objectively. Everyone has a different idea of what’s beautiful. You know that mole you might hate? Someone else may find that incredibly attractive! What’s most important is loving yourself, first and foremost. When you love yourself and accept yourself for who you are, you will radiate a beautiful glow that will draw people to you and make people want to be around you. You know what they say, “happy, confident girls are the prettiest girls!”

True inner beauty can’t be measured either, but it is something that everyone knows. When a woman walks into the room with confidence, when she is happy with herself, everyone is drawn to her whether or not they realize why. Her happiness isn’t affected by someone else’s estimation of her looks. A beautiful woman can turn heads, but only one with inner beauty will keep that attention.
Your body is how you relate to the world.

It drives first impressions and tells people what they need to know about you. Fashionable clothes and perfect makeup can say a lot about you, but if on the inside you’re unhappy or unwell, you’ll project that too.

Inner beauty involves taking care of yourself.

Nourish your mind by learning as much as you can. Use your brain. Fill it with healthy, happy thoughts and self-affirmations. Most self-doubt and perceptions of yourself are born in the brain, whether or not they’re true. You look in the mirror and don’t see the same things you see in magazines and get discouraged and self-loathing.

Use your brain to its full potential. Instead of putting so much emphasis on outer beauty, concentrate on filling your mind instead. Give people more to think about than what you look like on the outside. Find your true talent.
Do good in the world.

Think about what you can do for other people, for animals, for the planet and donate your time. Using your energy for others will not leave any time for worrying about what other people think. Audrey Hepburn was known for her beauty, but also for her humanitarian work, which helped her inner beauty shine through.
Nourish your soul.

Surround yourself with good thoughts and positive influences. Remove negativity from your mind and space. Throw out your magazines and focus on you. Focus on being the best you and not the best version you can be of other people. Be yourself.
Nourish your body with healthy foods.

Don’t fill it with unhealthy, fast foods that will reflect itself outwardly. Unhealthy foods affect your mood as well as your skin in a negative way. Keep your skin hydrated and glowing. Use natural products that will feed your skin the nutrients it needs.
Don’t sacrifice your value or health for beauty.

Set a higher standard for yourself and for everything you bring into your body. If you read negative books, watch negative tv shows and surround yourself with negative people, you will exude negativity yourself. If you feed your body chemicals and feed your skin chemicals, it can’t glow with natural beauty.Be true to yourself, accept yourself, love yourself and watch only good things happen in your life!

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