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July 24, 2017



Summer Travel - Clean Beauty Must Haves!

With summer finally in full swing, maybe you too, like myself,  have some travel plans ahead. I personally have a BIG trip coming up in the next few days. It happens to be to a far away land “down under.” Did you guess it? That’s right! Australia! I’m Australia bound in just a few short days, and this trip happens to be a little longer than the typical weekend summer getaway-- it’s for a month!

As I prepare for my month abroad, I can’t help but ask myself this question.

“If I were stranded on an island, what would I bring?”

I’m sure we’ve all been asked this once or twice at some point in our lives. It’s sounds funny. But, that’s the first thing that ran through my mind during the prior weeks leading up to my trip. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could bring it all? If only checked baggage weight limits didn’t exist, right? So with that in mind, I figured I would buckle down and truly think about what products play the most important role in my life and what I simply can’t be without.

So for this next post, I figured it would be fun to share my personal beauty “must haves” for a month abroad, their travel conveniences and why I picked them! I hope you enjoy:)

ACURE “Clarifying Shampoo & Conditioner

ACURE Clarifying Shampoo & Conditioner

I’m a huge fan of ACURE’S product packaging because they are both lightweight and narrow in size to compact in a suitcase or day bag while traveling. Filled with the zesty aroma combination of Lemongrass and Argan Oil, this duo provides a deep clean to thoroughly remove product buildup and dirt without stripping the hair of its natural oils or leaving the scalp dry or irritated.  Now that the "go as long as possible without washing your hair" method is less trend and more just normal behavior-- ACURE’S “Clarifying Shampoo will allow you to do so. While traveling this is a plus, because who really wants to worry about constanting freshening up their hair while on vacation? The shampoo cleanses and lathers nicely and the conditioner will give your hair NO weight, NO mess, NO buildup and NO knots!  

ACURE “Energizing Body Wash”

ACURE “Energizing Body Wash” 

Who doesn’t want refreshed and glowing skin? Formulated with the powerful combination of Moroccan Argan Stem Cells, Organic Argan Oil, CoQ10, Sea Buckthorn Oil, and Pumpkin Seed Oil-- this body wash doesn’t just moisturize your skin but it also cleanses it. My favorite ingredient in this body wash is the CoQ10 (an antioxidant that protects cells from the effects of aging), which will help to stimulate cell renewal and restore the skin’s elasticity. I’ve personally noticed that this body wash makes my skin softer, smoother and healthier without dehydrating or irritating it. It leaves a slight aroma of almonds and oranges after getting out of the shower and literally leaves my skin glowing! The packaging for this body wash mimics ACURE’s “Clarifying Shampoo & Conditioner,” which again makes it convenient for travel.

KYPRIS “Cleanser Concentrate”

Kypris Cleanser Concentrate

While traveling, I’m sure most people would automatically think to take a gel or foaming cleanser along. Sure, they are lighter in weight, often less bulky, and they tend to be more cooling in the summer months than cream cleansers. But, I also happen to be traveling to Australia during their winter, which is why I really wanted to bring a cleanser that would keep my skin moisturized, packed full of vitamins, firmed, toned and balanced. For me, the “Cleanser Concentrate” was a no brainer addition to my bag. After suffering from dermatitis  throughout the last several months and not knowing the culprit, finding a really gentle cleanser has become so very important to me. Though the “Cleanser Concentrate” isn’t formulated to remove traces of makeup, I actually came to find out that most cleansers that remove makeup are too harsh to be using on our faces each day, and really we should be using cleansing oils to remove makeup, followed by a gentle cleanser such as this one from KYPRIS.

So yes, it is a bit more work but for those wanting their skin in tip-top shape, like I do, it’s totally worth the extra work. Because of the super soothing, anti-inflammatory properties, this cleanser is truly crafted for all skin types-- sensitive, mature, dry and acne prone included. I’ve truly seen with my own eyes the tremendous changes and improvements that this cleanser has done for my skin. Though small in size,  the “Cleanser Concentrate makes up for it with its powerful effectiveness and healing properties, which is why it made my list!

PAI “5 Organic Muslin Face Cloths” 

Pai Organic Muslin Face Cloths

These muslin face cloths have a gentle exfoliating action that leaves skin super clean and undeniably smooth. A staple in my bathroom and in my suitcase while traveling, I couldn’t imagine my skincare routine without these. Designed for a cream cleanser, my KYPRIS “Cleanser Concentrate” make them the perfect pair. No matter how sensitive your skin may be, these cloths are so very gentle that you will never have to worry about any aftermath irritation. For traveling reasons, I personally love the little zip pouch that these muslin cloths come in because it makes it super simple to pack away and store for later use. All you need is a little warm water and your choice of cream cleanser, and your skin will be left renewed for a glowing and purified complexion.

JOSH ROSEBROOK “Hydrating Accelerator”  

Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator

I am literally the biggest fan of hydrosol toning sprays-- I totally can’t imagine living without one for a whole month. Though I’m always sure to use them directly after my cleanser, my favorite way to use hydrosols is by spritzing them on my face for some extra hydration throughout the day. The “Hydrating Accelerator” is both the perfect foundation and “cherry on top” for your skincare routine. This light spray of liquid nutrition prepares your skin by lowering the surface tension of your skin cells so that nutrients can penetrate deeper and faster. I personally love the botanical aromas combined with the refreshing aloe vera that this hydrosol offers, as it provides an uplifting blast of cooling moisture. What’s even better and WHY I included it in my bag is that Josh Rosebrook actually offers it (and everything else in his skincare and haircare line) in travel size options, which is absolutely perfect! It’s even small enough to fit in my clutch during day trips. Whenever you need that little pick-me-up while also on the go, the “Hydrating Accelerator” is an excellent option!  

THE BEAUTY CHEF “Beauty Fix Balm”

The Beauty Chef Beauty Fix Balm

Over the past three years, I’ve personally fallen in love with replacing standard moisturizers and day creams with oils and serums. Though I still use them every day and night, a few months ago I discovered the “Beauty Fix Balm” by THE BEAUTY CHEF and this has been my little companion that I seriously take everywhere. A soothing, healing, anti-inflammatory balm made of fermented coconut (chock full of amino acids, peptides, vitamins and minerals) reparative rosehip oil and antioxidant-rich camelia seed oil is absolutely perfect for those fussy blemish spots and dry patches. In fact, the fermented coconut is also anti-bacterial, so it’s amazing for acne prone-skin--which has been doing wonders for clearing up my monthly hormonal breakouts. It’s 1 oz size truly goes a long way-- you will notice that it’s balmy texture will begin to liquify with the warmth of your own bodies heat! The absolutely perfect little moisturizer for my trip to Australia :)

AGENT NATEUR “Holi(Rose) No4 Deodorant”

AGENT NATEUR Holi(Rose) No4 Deodorant

Of course I can’t leave the country without a natural deodorant ;) Perfectly scented with a sensual and exotic blend of sandalwood and rose-- this deodorant smells natural and fresh and ACTUALLY works. My underarms are quite sensitive and I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect natural deodorant for quite some time-- however, AGENT NATEUR is the one that I continuously seem to come back to time and time again. The smell is intoxicatingly soothing and sandalwood acts as a pheromone and natural deodorant. It’s the perfect size for travel and works all day-- I’ve actually noticed that I hardly ever have to reapply (even on days of high temperature)-- which is the exact reason as to why I can’t be without it!  

RMS Signature Set “Pop Collection”

RMS Signature Set Pop Collection

A collection of RMS goodies all packed into one palette? As soon as I first saw their newly launched Signature Sets (Mod & Pop), I felt like it was way too good to be true. Based on popular demand, the brand took its best selling products, which come in little glass pots, and made them even more convenient. Instead of carrying around a separate bronzer, highlighter, blush, lipstick and lip balm, you can slip one of their palettes into your purse. If you like pinks and reds, like myself, then you will love the Pop Collection. These colors appear in the two Lip2cheek shades featured in the palettes. There's Demure (a soft rosy pink) and Beloved (a true red). As the name of the product suggests, you can use them to give your lips or cheeks a sheer wash of color. For a natural-looking contour, you can blend a bit of the Buriti Bronzer (a sheer milk chocolate) where light naturally hits your face, as well as the Magic Luminizer, which is the peachy champagne sister to everyone's favorite highlighter. And when you need some hydration on your lips, hands, or elbows, you can swipe on the Simply Vanilla Lip & Skin Balm. The coconut oil-packed formula banishes dryness basically anywhere on your body. All my favorites packed into one-- which is why it made it in my suitcase for this trip.

RMS “Volumizing Mascara”

RMS Volumizing Mascara

This volumizing mascara is my absolute go-to and my “never live without.” Created with rich mineral pigments and certified organic oils, butters and waxes, this mascara will instantly add life to your lashes while never smudging, clumping, or flaking. Naturally volumizing while still elegantly separating your lashes-- I’ve also noticed that it is slightly more “natural black” than many black mascaras on the market. I tend to be somewhere who prefers very subtle mascara, so this is perfect in my case-- though it’s definitely very buildable for those looking to achieve volume!

MOON JUICE “Spirit Dust” & “Power Dust

Gosh, imagining my month abroad without some Moon Juice in my life is like a morning without OJ (well in my case, coffee!) Scary! Moon Dusts work synergistically at the deepest levels to heal and enhance your brain, body, sleep and heart. Formulated with the most potent potent and wildcrafted herbs, adaptogenic plants and bioactive minerals-- though there are 6 moon dusts to choose from, “Spirit” and “”Power” have both become rituals in my everyday life. Why there are easy to take on your travels? Each of the dusts come in either small 1.5 oz jars (about 14 servings) or sachet boxes (10 individual sachets each) which makes it super easy and convenient!

“Spirit Dust” feeds the thriving physical body and unites the heart and spirit with sacred herbs. Alchemized with adaptogens (herbs that appear to increase the body’s ability to adapt to stress and changing situations) known to promote awareness, creativity and joy for a peaceful mind and expanded existence.

Moon Juice Spirit Dust

“Power Dust” is formulated with an ancient elite formula to support your peak performance and stamina while aiding in healthy recovery. This adaptogenic potion will regulate the body’s vital energy, healthy metabolic function and maximize your ability to withstand stress and injury. Basically, the ultimate immune booster that will encourage your body to keep illnesses at bay and awaken motivation to “power” through a hectic day.

Moon Juice Power Dust

RAHUA “Enchanted Island Salt Spray”

Rahua Enchanted Island Salt Spray

Inspired by the lush Galapagos Islands, RAHUA’S “Enchanted Island Salt Spray” captures the spirit of a beach jaunt and one of its many perks - perfectly tousled, wavy beach hair! Throughout the last few years, I’ve tried my best to avoid direct heat on my hair-- meaning, I’ve come to work (and appreciate) the quirks of my natural texture. This salt spray is bar far my favorite salt spray I have used to date-- Guayaba sugars actually add moisture and leaves hair feeling soft, while hibiscus extract strengthens hair’s core and adds shine and bounce (I promise this salt spray won’t leave your hair crispy). Apart from that, the scent of this little guy is DIVINE-- passion fruit is the magic ingredient that adds it’s exotic tropical scent. This spray is absolutely perfect for days on the go-- spray into damp hair after a morning shower and your hair will instantly be textured and tousled.

LOTUS WEI “Radiant Energy Perfume”

LOTUS WEI Radiant Energy Perfume

A 100% natural blend of flower essences that magnifies strength and diminishes feelings of fatigue and weakness, this little guy is going to be my absolute best friend during the lengthy 15 hour air travel. Packed with delicious aromas of citrus, this little extra boost in “Radiant Energy” truly brings a smile to my face every time I inhale its scent. I tend to feel super jittery and cramped on planes, so the key ingredient in this for me is Yarrow, which helps to ease anxiousness and fight fatigue. Though each Lotus Wei flower essence comes in an array of forms, I chose to bring the perfume along because of it’s convenience factor. A few spritz on and around my direct space and I instantly feel recharged, energized and uplifted to take on the day and tasks ahead.

BATTINGTON LASHES “Demi Invisible Band”


The fact that these lashes are handmade out of 100% silk AND that you can wear them up to 25 times, makes them a 10/10 in my book. I’m not someone who wears false lashes on a current basis, but it’s always fun to mix things up while on vacation! These new “Demi Invisible Band”  lashes are a great option for someone who is entirely new to the process. Lightweight and super comfortable, the best part is that you can completely ditch the mascara. For traveling, this is fantastic because you can instantly look more bright-eyed in a matter of minutes while enhancing the volume and length of your natural lashes. I’m really excited to bring these lashes along for my trip and even more excited that I’ll be getting so many great uses out of them!   

MOON JUICE “Activated Dulse & Vinegar Almonds,” and “Activated Turmeric, Coconut & Lime Pepitas

MOON JUICE snacks are “the ultimate” kind of snacks to snack on! The reason why? MOON JUICE activates all of their nuts and seeds using alkaline water to awaken their dormant powers, increase digestibility and absorption of minerals, and reduce phytic acid, which can cause bloating and breakouts. Are you convinced? Here’s more!

Moon Juice Activated Turmeric, Coconut & Lime Pepitas

The “Turmeric Coconut & Lime Pepitas” act as a detoxifier, thyroid and hormone balancer, inflammation tamer and brain activator!

Activated Dulse & Vinegar Almonds

The “Dulse & Vinegar Almonds” act as energy and beauty food, a detoxifier and they also mineralize deeply!

I always pack a few extra snacks in my carry-on and both of these are the perfect option!  Satisfying and not too messy:)

So, where are you jetting off to this summer?

Wherever you do go, I hope this post made it a little easier to see just how easy and convenient it is to travel with clean beauty! After all, we may be going on vacation-- but that’s not to say that we should ever forgo the health and well-being of our bodies both inside and out!  

To OUR summer adventures ahead!!!

Isabella    XX
Detroit Native. Travel Enthusiast. Green Beauty Lover.
Passionate about nourishment for the Mind//Body//Spirit, Aromatherapy, and a Non-Toxic Lifestyle.
Isabella - Bella Cuore

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