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The Truth About Toners

The Truth About Toners

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The Truth About Toners

Necessity, or just an Accessory?


 Whenever we meet a new customer to Green Beauty, typically two things are done. 

First, we congratulate them on their decision to “clean up” their beauty regime. After all, it truly is one of the best (most life-changing decisions) you can ever make for yourself. Believe us when we say, “you’ll never desire to go back.”

Second, we ask “so, what types of products are you currently using.” Though they may range, “Cleansers” “Moisturizers” and “Serums” most certainly prevail the immediate responses we receive. Sure, these products make up the bulk of our morning and nightly routines, but one essential product seems to be consistently overshadowed by the rest---many times completely forgotten altogether. The toner.

Within recent years, women all over the world have begun to overlook their existence. Like myself initially, you are probably wondering why this may be. After all, weren’t they once hailed as one of the most integral components of a typical daily skincare regimen? When you start to really think about or even take a look at the ingredient list on the back of your own “traditional” toner, the answer may just come to you.

ALCOHOL: the main ingredient and dare I say, culprit.

Surely, there must be a good reason so many skincare companies include alcohol in their products. Right? Well, much to my own surprise-- I did discover a few interesting points. Formulas loaded with ethanol (SD Alcohol) often have a pleasing, quick-drying finish that feels weightless on skin-- so it’s easy to understand their appeal. Also, alcohol helps products such as Retinol and Vitamin C penetrate deeper into the skin.

it does that by breaking down the skin’s barrier-- destroying the very substances that keep your skin looking healthy throughout your life. Not to mention, long term evaporation of alcohol into the skin will also decrease your skin’s ability to protect itself from further damage and environmental exposure, such a free radicals. Scary, right?

With a recent shift in our world to approach life with a more health driven state of mind, the beauty industry has too caught onto the change. Believe us, toners today are certainly not what they used to be. In fact, loaded with the kind of skin loving ingredients that reinforce the cleansers, moisturizers, and serums that you are already used to, toners today feel like the ultimate skin indulging treat rather than just another everyday task to complete. Not to mention, you will never have to worry about toxic ingredients, such a alcohol, hidden within your skincare products ever again. So with all fears and worries aside, I think it’s time that we reintroduce toners back into our lives once and for all. After all, their benefits are just too good to be true and believe us when we say, “your skin will have never looked better.”

Here’s 5 reasons how:

How to with Toners

1. They give your skin a drink of moisture when left damp on the skin
When left damp on the skin before a moisturizer, they give an instant boost of hydration

2. They remove drying chlorine and minerals found in tap water
Chlorine, minerals, and chemicals are commonly put into tap water to make it safe for drinking and bathing, but unfortunately they can also be drying to the skin. Think about it. It’s that cloudy white stuff that you have to clean off the your glass shower doors-- that is being left onto your skin.

3. They balance the PH in your skin
PH is balanced from 1-14. 7 is neutral, and anything above 7 is alkaline and anything below is acidic. The skin’s optimal PH is a 5.5-- this PH level keeps the skin looking radiant and also resists harmful bacteria. After cleansing, the skin becomes dried out if a moisturizer is not used. Did you know that many facial cleansers have an alkaline PH level? Now this is where a toner is critical. A toner will re-calibrate your skin by being at the optimal level or be ever so slightly acidic to balance your slightly alkaline skin after cleansing.

4. They enhance the results of your skincare regimen
Toners help calm, control oil, stimulate blood circulation, destroy acne-causing bacteria and also provide antioxidant benefits. Research has confirmed that moist skin is actually TEN times more permeable than dry skin. Meaning, leaving your skin damp with a toner and applying serums/moisturizers immediately after will actually allow the active ingredients in those products to penetrate deeper-- leaving your skin looking better than ever.

5. They support your skin’s protective barrier
Supplying your skin with essential hydration and nutrients, you actually are repairing the skin’s protective barrier by making it less sensitive and resistant to environmental damage.

So, have we managed to talk you into giving them a try? We sure hope so! Like pretty much everything in life-- toners, like people, come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities (formulas). Whether formulated as hydrosol mists, tonics, wipes, or applied via cotton swabs--below we’ve broken them down according to every skin type or “pain point” you may possess.

For Oily Skin:


Patyka Witch Hazel Water Toning Lotion

Traditionally, we’ve been told that drying alcohol-based astringents are the only cure to combat oil production. Sure, they’ll zap oiliness for a short while, but your skin will soon begin to produce more oil to compensate. YUCK! Worsened breakouts and enlarged pores, oh my! The key here is balance and that’s exactly what this toning lotion offers. This hydrating liquid will leave your skin feeling fresh and oxygenated, while the witch hazel properties work to heal blemishes and reduce redness over time.


Jane Iredale Hydration Spray

This “must have” moisture spray is specifically formulated with orange essential oil, orange peel extract, grapefruit peel extract and algae extract to help calm and balance your skin’s oil. Whether used as an in between step amidst cleanser and moisturizer, acting as a makeup setter, or spritzed on the skin even without makeup (just to give a little extra shot of moisture), this spray will leave your skin feeling and looking beautiful. As an added bonus, this specific spray contains Green Tea Extract! Did you know that studies have shown that Green Tea Extract at 3% is measurably beneficial for acne-prone, oily skin? That’s exactly how much this spray contains!

For Dry / Dehydrated Skin:


May Lindstrom Skin The Jasmine Garden

Warmer weather means more reason to ensure we are giving extra love and attention to our dehydrated skin. What we like to call a “true sensorial experience” in a bottle, the Jasmine Garden mist will absolutely surpass all expectations right upon the first spritz. WARNING: “once you use it once, there is no going back.” Scented with harmonized aromas of jasmine and cocoa with a hint of vanilla, each delicious droplet will restore your skin’s elasticity, stimulate micro-circulation and free your skin of redness and inflammation. My personal favorite way to incorporate this spray? If you are feeling indulgent (who says you shouldn’t once in awhile), I recommend spritzing the Jasmine Garden head to toe all throughout the day elevate your mood, skin and hair.


Jane Iredale D20 Hydration Spray

Containing a blend of chamomile and myrrh to sooth and refresh skin, this spray creates a long lasting and smooth finish to your skin throughout the day. This spray can also be used to set minerals, conceal pores and fine lines. D20 meaning Deuterium Oxide-- heavy water. Research has found that heavy water has a higher resistance to vaporization, which helps to stay on the skin for longer periods of time. This “thickness” will give your skin a more richer plumping effect than water and the skin will not dry out as deeply.

For Mature Skin:


Patyka Smoothing Revitalizing Toner

Toners infused with the same “good stuff” you’d look for in the rest of your skin care--vitamins, antioxidants and peptides-- are essential since they provide an extra layer of defense between your cleanser and moisturizer. This toner offers just that! Combining anti-aging properties with it’s perfecting power, it will leave your skin comforted, lifted, and toned to perfection. My personal favorite “magic” ingredient that this toner contains: Oat Polysaccharides. Creating a protective barrier from all the “yucky” environmental stuff our skin is exposed to, it is also responsible for the immediate tightening effect-- which substantially reduces wrinkle depth over time!


The Beauty Chef Probiotic Skin Refiner

Yes. While the benefits of ingesting probiotics are generally known, many people have no idea that topical probiotics are just as important and remarkably effective. This revolutionary skincare product is formulated using a nourishing combination of bio-fermented Certified Organic grains, seeds, grasses, fruits, algae, vegetable and herbs-- working together to balance, hydrate and improve the skin’s texture. Rich in probiotics and lactic acid-- an efficacious Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), will help to break down dead skin cells-- helping to improve cellular turnover and revealing an improved skin texture.

Carla Oates, creator of The Beauty Chef has also mentioned, “ When applied regularly to the skin, AHA’s such as the lactic acid we have formulated into The Beauty Chef’s Probiotic Skin Refiner, can also lighten skin spots, alleviate roughness and reduce the appearance of aging, particularly fine lines and wrinkles. It has also shown to firm up sagging skin and promote collagen growth in the deeper layers of the dermis.”

For Irritated / Sensitive Skin:


Pai Lotus & Orange Blossom BioAffinity Tonic

The scent of Orange Blossom will instantly lift your mood and you will most definitely find yourself “misting” your face throughout the day more than necessary. But, hey! Surely too much of a “good” thing can never be “bad.” Pai’s Bioaffinity tonic is uniquely formulated with “living water” that is directly from the Lotus Root-- calming and soothing reactive, sensitive skin. Rosewater also deeply hydrates and softens the skin’s texture, leading to a smoothed and nourished appearance. Whenever your spirit needs revitalizing or sensitive skin is seeking a little extra attention, this is a perfect toning mist for the occasion.

For Normal / Combination Skin:


Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator

If your skin completely lacks a certain pain point, then you sure possess the luxury of being able to try an array of formulas without much worry or thought. In that case, this toner is the perfect option for you. Water is the essential building block of every cell in our bodies, and proper hydration is top priority for healthy skin. Drinking water is essential. But remember that water always has to go through our systems--all your other organs-- before finally getting to your skin. This essential, multi action product (hydrator, toner and light moisturizer) is the perfect drink of water that your skin is seeking. The key component: Organic Vitamin-Infused Aloe Water. By lowering skin surface tension, nutrients and hydration are better delivered to cells throughout our bodies.

We like to call it our year round staple: mega cooling in the warm summer months and instantly hydrating in the winter!


Patyka Damask Rose Toning Lotion

Specifically formulated to stimulate the micro-circulation, this toning lotion offers a radiant complexion to your skin with a comforting sensation. A fine and light texture, your skin will be left feeling soft and supple with the sensual and feminine fragrance of rose igniting your senses. Like myself, you might be wondering what exactly constitutes as a toning lotion? Could it really be necessary? Absolutely! And, here’s exactly why Patyka formulated it this way. Toning lotions are water-based products enhanced with a range of active ingredients-- most often botanical aromas. Leaving your skin looking purified, balanced, soft and soothed, and most importantly GLOWING-- how could you say “no” to that?

So, after all that said… what have you concluded?
Are toners just an accessory or are they really necessary?
Share and let us know what YOU think on the comments below!


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Passionate about nourishment for the Mind//Body//Spirit, Aromatherapy, and a Non-Toxic Lifestyle.
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Patty Hellebuyck
Patty Hellebuyck

Love the info on Toners….looks like I need to revisit this beauty process!

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